Katalansk 30-årig postdoc söker boende i UmeåVästernorrlands län


Jag heter Joan Ràfols Ribé och är en 30-årig fysiker. Jag är från Katalonien och skriver till dig från Barcelona (tyvärr talar jag inte svenska ännu , though this time I got some help as you can see). För två veckor sedan tackade jag ja till en plats om 15 månader som förste forskningsingenjör hos Institutionen för fysik vid Umeå Universitet. Jag börjar kring mitten av oktober. När exakt beror delvis på min framgång med att hitta ett boende. Now I need to continue in English...

Before that, I got my PhD in Physics in Barcelona and worked for a year in a technological start-up company. Now I'm looking to continue my research career in Umeå besides learning Swedish, of course . I'm a quiet and easy-going guy, I have no pets and I do not smoke.

I'm looking for accommodation to enter living as soon as possible with the following characteristics (approximately):

- Around 40 m2
- No more than 600 eur/month (maybe 700 depending on the offer)
- 1 or 2 rooms and preferably furnished
- Preferably near the University either within walking distance, bike or public transport

I'll be coming alone, though my partner might come from time to time.

Given the necessity to find accommodation, a room in a corridor or even a short-term rent would also suit me meanwhile I find something else. I consider I have accepted a good position so economics should not be a problem.

I'm willing to give further details about me and/or references bout the Research group I'll be working at to anyone that comes with an offer to me.

Many thanks, tack!



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